Friday, December 11, 2009

English Grammar??Ermmmm......

Salam alaykum n helo friends,

Im soryy ,it's along time i haven't updated my blog.How r you doing?Is there a lot going on in ur life my friends?huhu ,,,To followers ,im so glad to have you all as my friends..=) Peace!!

I would like to share bout problem of English grammar among us.Actually,i have many friends from Middle-East like Yaman,Pakistan,Iraq besides from China(not a middle-east country) .i have ever been told, many Malaysian students got problem with English grammar when they're speaking ,talking or chatting in English.They still having problems with present tense,past tense ,present continuous tense n so on.This is a phenomenon has occurred for many times and i would say ,i have ever got this same problem.For example;

I wore shirt like this yesterday (true)
I wear shirt like this yesterday (wrong)

Some of them prefer using the second one and it is grammatically wrong.We can see 'yesterday' at the end of the sentence.So,you should have used 'WORE' which is the past tense of 'WEAR' .
For other problems, we should explore how to use..

I have + ed/past tense of word ex : i have tested the DNA
I have been ex : i have been waiting here since 7 o'clock
I have ever/never been ex : i have never been to United Kingdom
I have + en ex : i have taken this medicine for many years

..and etc...

As a trial solution,i tried to speak or talk in English with them .In the same time,i was trying to be shameless to learn English grammar even from lowest level and kept practicing this for bout 2 months,u noe.After a few weeks or day by day,my English speaking became smooth and my Yamanese friend had suggested me a very nice book.It was just like a miracle was coming down from the sky because this book will let you know how to overcome your grammar problem.It is entitled ' Understanding and Using English Grammar' and i already got one hehe...u can get it from Kinokuniya,KLCC which is a huge book gallery here.So,what r u waiting for,let's improve our English together!!

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