Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cinta Allah

Sesungguhnya cinta itu khusus buat Allah dan alunkanlah zikir buatNya agar nur itu bercambah lalu terus bertumbuh menjadi pohon.Pohon yang ini tidak akan layu jika zikir yang bersakti itu telah membajai.Di sini aku sertakan satu syair Syeikh Fattah dan juga merupakan lirik lagu sebuah band tarikat sufi yang aku betul-betul kenali iaitu DEBU.Hampir kesemua anggotanya terdiri daripada keturunan berkulit putih atau mat saleh yang berasal dari Amerika dan sebahagiannya juga dari Swizerland serta Indonesian.Alhamdulillah aku dan ketua Debu ,Mustafa Kumayl kini bersahabat baik serta banyak bertukar fikiran...:)
Aku tertarik betul dengan lirik atau syair ini kerana bait-bait isinya cukup menggambarkan kasih seorang hamba buat Penciptanya.MasyaAllah.

Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

Hamba ini tetap heran,
Meminta-minta rahmatMu,
Dalam dunia diasingkan,
Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

Ada yang ingin pahala,
Hamba tak ingin selainMu,
Itu adalah berhala,
Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

Memang tak kuingin surga,
Walaupun adalah ayu,
Kudamba hanya Sahibnya,
Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

Tanpa wajahMu di surga,
Jadi muka hauri kuyu,
Dari wajahMu cahaya,
Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

HambaMu ini termala,
Hatiku menjadi mutu,
Aku mangsa serigala,
Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

Cintaan hambaMu lemah,
Kumengadu kepadaMu,
Aku selalu terlecah,
Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

Hamba ini tetap heran,
Meminta-minta rahmatMu,
Dalam dunia diasingkan,
Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

Hamba ini tetap heran,
Meminta-minta rahmatMu,
Dalam dunia diasingkan,
Allah, hati memanggilMu! (2X)

Allah, hati memanggilMu!

Friday, November 21, 2008


One of my hobbies is work out.I prefer to do it because work out or muscle exercise is good for our health.It also the best way for body shape strategies to get symmetrical shape.There're various types of muscle exercises such as sit-up,chin-up,push-up and etc.Sit-up is difficult to me because it is not easy to practice it if you want 6 packs for your abdomen.Sit-up is an abdominal muscle exercise and it must be consistent if you want to get the best result.Here ,i put a sit-up picture with its article.

The sit-up is a strength training exercise commonly performed with the aim of strengthening the abdominal muscles and hip flexors. This begins with lying with the back on the floor, typically with the knees bent in an attempt to reduce stress on the back muscles and spine, and then elevating both the upper and lower spine from the floor .

Make good food choices .Eat lots of meat and fish.They
both high in protein to repair our muscles.Don't eat oily foods or curry often.These are not good for your muscle or body shape.

Let's try and do it.We'll have a new routine in the morning and afternoon...huhu.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The journey

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Time waits for no one,
sure as
the tide pulls the ocean
sure as,
the path that's been chosen, cannot be changed

In my life's destination, I searched for the explaination For some kind of reason, for my sorrow and pain But in my isolation I learned to listen To be thankful for the love that I'd been given

This is my journey, journey through life With every twist and turn
I've laughed and cried As the road unwinds

This is my journey, and I've learned to fight
To make me strong enough, to lift me up, to bring my dreams alive

I'm going to love each moment, of every day and night I'll look back to the past with the sweetest smile For now I realise, I've been given the key to life

In my desperation I swore that never again Would I hear all the laughter of my friends and my family
A million tears that I'd cried then began to dry
In the silence of the night timeI had came to realize

A sweet inspiration filled my horizon Gave me the heart to go on and never would give in


Welcome to all my friends.This is my blogger and it is new!!If you guys wanna to give comments about this blog,you all can send or post them via friendster.I believe the above picture is beautiful and you will agree with me right.It is just for you.I got it from I saw it first time in my friend's myspace music profile,Mustafa Kumayl.He is an artist (Muslim american) who stays in Indonesia with his group named Debu.He put this lovely moon for background of his profile.
Now it is one of my pictures collection.For me this is the best picture that all my friends said it is so beautiful and some of them suggested me to print it to be my laptop skin!!!May be latersss.
Actually,i got a lot of hobbies now.Collecting funky or art picture fromn internet is also one of my hobbies.Huhu..How bout you??Wanna to share?? :)