Thursday, November 20, 2008


Welcome to all my friends.This is my blogger and it is new!!If you guys wanna to give comments about this blog,you all can send or post them via friendster.I believe the above picture is beautiful and you will agree with me right.It is just for you.I got it from I saw it first time in my friend's myspace music profile,Mustafa Kumayl.He is an artist (Muslim american) who stays in Indonesia with his group named Debu.He put this lovely moon for background of his profile.
Now it is one of my pictures collection.For me this is the best picture that all my friends said it is so beautiful and some of them suggested me to print it to be my laptop skin!!!May be latersss.
Actually,i got a lot of hobbies now.Collecting funky or art picture fromn internet is also one of my hobbies.Huhu..How bout you??Wanna to share?? :)

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