Friday, November 21, 2008


One of my hobbies is work out.I prefer to do it because work out or muscle exercise is good for our health.It also the best way for body shape strategies to get symmetrical shape.There're various types of muscle exercises such as sit-up,chin-up,push-up and etc.Sit-up is difficult to me because it is not easy to practice it if you want 6 packs for your abdomen.Sit-up is an abdominal muscle exercise and it must be consistent if you want to get the best result.Here ,i put a sit-up picture with its article.

The sit-up is a strength training exercise commonly performed with the aim of strengthening the abdominal muscles and hip flexors. This begins with lying with the back on the floor, typically with the knees bent in an attempt to reduce stress on the back muscles and spine, and then elevating both the upper and lower spine from the floor .

Make good food choices .Eat lots of meat and fish.They
both high in protein to repair our muscles.Don't eat oily foods or curry often.These are not good for your muscle or body shape.

Let's try and do it.We'll have a new routine in the morning and afternoon...huhu.

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